Friday, July 28, 2017


Just so we're clear, I only, ahem, "read the articles" in these types of magazines. I'm just sayin'...

That's why I discovered this gem of an interview with four of today's scream queens between the gross cartoons and the irreverent editorial content in the January 2017 issue of the infamous HUSTLER magazine.

There is a popular theme in current horror films; that of the "final girl", the last of a long string of female victims to survive the monster/slasher/whatever, who gets pissed off and vicious towards the end of the movie, turning themselves into a lean, mean, killin' machine before the end credits.

The quartet of Danielle Harris, Erin Marie Hogan, Victoria De Mare and Pandie Suicide offer their unique insights into modern horror films from the female perspective in this candid and revealing interview by L.A.-based photographer and writer, Kelly Webb.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


The Christmas Day 1929 issue of Variety includes a review of the German silent film, NOSFERATU THE VAMPIRE (a title not included in IMDBs list of titles used in U.S. releases), which had been released in the U.S. on 3 June of that year. Called "skillfully mounted and directed", the review goes on to explain the origins of the film and how it was inspired from "Bram Stokes" (sic) novel, Dracula and Liveright's play from 1927 (which was produced 5 years after NOSFERATU was filmed!).

Lauded for its "extremely effective symbolism", the review also extols, "One shot of the sun cracking at dawn is an eye filler. Among others of extremely imaginative beauty is one which takes in a schooner sailing in a rippling stream photographed in such a manner that it has the illusion of color and an enigmatic weirdness that's more perplexing than the ghost action of the players."

Overall, though, the picture is called, "a depressive piece of art made even more incompatible for bourgeois theater fare misspotted and poor titling." Ironically, audiences had no idea how lucky they were to view a film where all copies had nearly been destroyed through legal channels by an over-protective widow Stoker.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Of all places for an image of the fabled "Moon Monster" comic book ad to show up... a firecracker label! The "supercharged" 1 1/2" "Monster" firecrackers are made in Macau, but also aimed for use in the U.S., as there is a DOT designation.

The Moon Monster itself is a colorful and crisp rendition. It makes one wonder where in the world the artist for this label ever came up with the idea.


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